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Plus Trac Total AED Program Management System

Item Number: EN-PRO1-Professional

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AED Program Management with Medical Direction And Oversight

Universal AED program management with medical direction and oversight for all AED models and manufacturers. Developed by the industry leader in AED program management.

All 50 states have Good Samaritan laws designed to protect companies that choose to deploy AEDs. These laws reduce or eliminate the fear that people who help others could suffer legal repercussions. To receive protection under the Good Samaritan laws, a company must prove they meet all operational requirements for the deployment of an AED Program

AED Program Management with Medical Direction And Oversight
PlusTrac™ for Total AED Program Maintenance (TAPM) keeps you on track. PlusTrac™ is an interactive, web-based AED Medical Direction and Oversight Management System that ensures the ongoing compliance of your AED Program. It can be accessed via an internet connection and a web browser.

PlusTrac™ features an Interactive Reporting Console™, which allows you to view the overall status of your AED Program with a single click. With one simple click, you can view the readiness of your entire AED Program. PlusTrac™ allows you to easily: make changes (such as removing or adding new AEDs), record maintenance checks of AED units, run compliance reports that help manage the program and personnel, and track consumable items such as batteries, electrodes, as well as the certification expiration dates of volunteer responders.

What Are The Components Of The En-Pro AED Program Solution?

*Medical Oversight (Direction): (PlusTrac™ AED Management Application)
■ Medical director to oversee the program (medical direction)
■ Emergency response plan and protocols-customized for your AED
■ AED medical prescription (medical authorization).  
■ Post-use emergency data review and filing (post-event support)
■ Medical director to oversee the program
■ Agency notification and filing fulfillment
■ Legislative and regulatory management

 PlusTrac AED Program Management:
■ Interactive online tracking and recording tools
■ Status reporting for facilities, devices, and volunteer responders
■ Certification management for trained responders
■ Out of service notification
■ 24/7 Post Event support (Live Support )
■ Out of service notification
■ 24/7 Post Event support (Live Support )

AED Program Management and AED Oversight Details:

Our aim is to make sure your AED team is able to deliver defibrillation to a sudden cardiac arrest victim in 3-minutes or less, to save a life. You require peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization is fully prepared for any SCA emergency.

When SCA strikes, seconds matter. Having Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) accessible and ready for use by trained volunteer rescuers is the best solution. The difference between saving a life and losing one to SCA can be preparedness.

Are there enough AEDs available? Are they ready? Are they working? Are enough people trained? Are you prepared?  We offer you an AED program management with medical direction and oversight at a very affordable rate, high quality and with proven track record. 

Our objective is to provide service-level AED medical direction and quality assurance review of AED activity. Please see the details below and enroll in one of the programs offered by us in partnership with En-Pro, the market leaders in providing AED Program Management With Medical Direction and Oversight services.

Regardless of the size of your AED Program, En-Pro will assist you with the following.

With the click of a mouse, you are connected. It’s that easy.

A careful site analysis of your physical grounds so that AED placement is optimized for a quick response when needed.
■   Provides a system of checks and balances that governs the use of AEDs within your organization.
■   Incorporates medical oversight and authorization; proper policy and procedures; notification with local, state, and federal    authorities; and a support system to monitor ongoing AED Program compliance.
■ Offer AED/CPR training with an ongoing support system that maintains, monitors, and tracks compliance and program efficacy (CPR/AED certification training is an additional charge)
■   Annual medical prescription/authorization
■   EMS registration/notification
■   Policy and Procedure manual
■   Site Analysis with an En-Pro account manager to optimally place AED devices. (Virtual Site Assessments)
■   Event review and documentation by an En-Pro medical director when AED is used
■   Coverage Under $1,000,000 general liability policy...

■ Tracking and compliance help with AED laws at the federal, state, & local level. *Medical Oversight provided free of charge.

Why Do I Need Medical Oversight?

■ The level of involvement of a medical director varies from state to state. Some states absolutely require medical direction. We believe that providing medical oversight to our clients is the most prudent course of action to take and provides coverage across the board covering those states that require it and those that have not addressed the requirement legislatively. For international deployments, all laws and guidelines will be complied with.

■Within medical oversight are the essential components of a “complete” AED program. Our physician will be available to you on a consultative basis if you require. If you already have a medical director, then we can incorporate him/her into the program.

Why is Medical Prescription Necessary?

If AEDs are prescription devices and end-users are required by the FDA to have medical prescription available for each AED unit that will be placed in a PAD site.

■Like medical direction, this requirement varies from state to state but it is a federal requirement for AED end-users to have medical prescription prior to purchasing and receiving AEDs for PAD programs.

Will Having an AED Program Reduce My Liability Exposure?

■YES! Our program service guarantees compliance to all federal, state, and local legislation that governs the purchase and use of AEDs. Most states have passed legislation that provides liability indemnification to AED users as long as those users follow the legislative guidelines. If you don’t follow your state’s legislative guidelines, then the state will not extend liability indemnification to you. En-Pro ensures your compliance to those guidelines and helps you achieve liability indemnification.

■Having a system of documentation that tracks each time the functionality of the AED is checked will reduce the chance that an AED won’t be in working order the critical moment it is needed.

■Tracking expiration dates of electrodes and batteries is important to reduce error chance.

■Having a program in place that gives the organization the means to enforce compliance to written policies and procedures is a must.

■Purchasing the AED equipment is only one part of the process. Having a compliant and effective AED Program completes the process. Explain The PlusTrac AED Management System.

■The AED management component is a soft ware driven, interactive, Internet based program.

■Your account will be assigned a single point of contact Account Manager who will monitor your account in real-time and will provide you with complete support.

■The AED Program Guidelines (Protocols), provided to you, are the key steps your AED site coordinators will take to ensure that your AED maintenance program is viable.

■Our system is the means by which the AED Program Administrator monitors each AED so that compliance with the protocols is being maintained.

■PlusTrac builds compliance within the organization.

How Does PlusTrac Work?

■The customer is set up with a PlusTrac account accessible via the internet. There are different levels of accessibility within the account. For example, the AED Corporate/Program Administrator can view the account in its entirety and make administrative changes to the account whereas the AED Site Coordinator would not have this capability.

■ PlusTrac provides instant information as to AED check status, electrode pad/battery expiration status, and personnel CPR/AED course certification status. Information showing where each AED site is located along with the AED site coordinator contact info is tracked and can be instantly accessed.

■ The AED Site Coordinator would, on a monthly basis, access his/her area within the PlusTrac account and check that he/she has performed the necessary AED maintenance check. E-minders are sent out to the AED site coordinators 5 days prior to the scheduled AED maintenance check and 3 days following the AED not being checked. The Corporate/Program Administrator is sent an e-minder when the system shows the site coordinator has not performed the required AED maintenance check.

■ PlusTrac also alerts the organization as to when electrode pads and batteries need to be changed. Impending electrode pad/battery changes alerts are given on a 90, 60, 30 day and then weekly basis to the due date of change.

■CPR/AED re-certification dates for personnel are also tracked. CPR/AED Certification Training

■ Part of our commitment to providing you a Total AED Program Solution includes offering on-site CPR/AED certification training.

■ We can send our instructors directly to your business or provide a blended learning course (online/classroom) - this makes it convenient for you.

■ Many states require certification training.

■ Even if your state doesn’t require certification training, it’s a good idea being CPR/AED trained raises competency and confidence - that’s always positive!

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