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Proud Family History - AED Professionals
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AED Professionals Shock Heart
AED Professionals Shock Heart
We've done some renovating on AEDProfessionals.com...

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Illinois Supply AEK Public Access Epinephrine and Naloxone Cabinets
Illinois Supply AEK Public Access Epinephrine and Naloxone Cabinets
Conspicuous. Accessible. Lifesaving.

Original A.E.K.
Public Access Epinephrine &
Naloxone Cabinets

Now Available at AED Professionals!

Mrs. Kay Lall, CEO
Mrs. Kay Lall, CEO, AED Professionals
Cardiac Science, Defibtech, HeartSine, Philips, Physio-Control & ZOLL AED Defibrillators

Your Destination for AED Sales, Service, Training And More.

Celebrating 20 Years of Saving Lives!

DemeTECH ASTM Level 3 Masks, Nitrile Gloves, and Flow Flex COVID-19 Antigen Tests
DemeTECH ASTM Level 3 Masks, Nitrile Gloves, and Flow Flex COVID-19 Antigen Tests
Check out our wide selection of

Personal Protective Equipment

High-Performance, Medical Grade PPE
for any application!

AED Professionals Philanthropy
AED Professionals Philanthropy
AED Professionals takes pride in

Always Giving Back.

Serving first responders, differently abled and less fortunate members of our community is part & parcel to our mission.

Simulaids Rescue Randy Manikin
Simulaids Rescue Randy Manikin
New at AED Professionals...

Rescue Randy

The Standard in Rescue Training Manikins

Runners starting at a race

Most Athletes Who Die Suddenly had NO Symptoms or Family History of Heart Disease!

In recent years, genetic testing has become increasingly accessible, and it offers a new way to prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes. In most cases, clinical evaluation will dictate the need for preventive therapy such as a defibrillator and the advice on exercise and participation in competitive sports. Read More here...
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James Jude, MD and Guy Knickerbocker, PhD Demonstrate CPR on William Kouwenhoven, MD

Remembering Dr. Guy Knickerbocker, A Pioneer of CPR

G. Guy Knickerbocker, PhDa of Narvon PA passed away peacefully on June 21st at the age 89; he is known as one inventors for CPR and according ScienceHeroes.com, it's estimated that more than 25 million lives have been saved with his technique. 
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How Often Do I Need to Service an AED?

How Often Do I Need to Service an AED?

As you may know, the American Heart Association recommends that an automated external defibrillator (AED) is accessible in most public places, like parks, convention centers, transit hubs, places of worship, businesses, and more. What's especially important is that these AEDs are in working order - If an AED isn't ready for a rescue, it's almost as if there's no AED at all.
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The Most Trusted Name in AED Defibrillators & Supplies.

Mrs. Kay Lall founded AED Professionals in 2004 in memoriam of her late mother, who succumbed to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) at the untimely age of 50. Mrs. Lall pledged to do everything that she could to promote the awareness, acceptance and implementation of public access AED defibrillators wherever people congregate.

Since its founding, AED Professionals has furnished over 50,000 AED units across the United States, growing to one of the largest defibrillator distributors in the country - allthewhile maintaining our family-owned values & service.

Rest Assured, when you call AED Professionals, you'll be greeted by one of our friendly AED experts within rings, not minutes. Let's save some lives together - it's truly our only business.

AED Professionals takes pride in giving back to the community.

School Safety

Offering the highest quality equipment with special pricing for schools & universities.

AED Professionals - a General Medical Devices, Inc. Company

Saving Lives is Our Only Business.

AED Professionals provides a comprehensive AED program that includes AED selection, AED essential accessories, training and the required medical-oversight. 

We specialize in assisting in the selection and purchasing of the ideal AED Defibrillators for your application, as well as other AED related equipment to meet the unique needs of your site. As a leading master distributor for all of the AED brands we market, we're able to offer the absolute-lowest pricing and also offer solutions, tools and expertise designed to help you establish and maintain a successful AED program. The cost of an AED unit depends on which features you need. Our friendly AED Experts at AED Professionals strive to make this selection process as simple as it can be. Give us a call at 888-541-2337 and speak with one of our friendly, trained, US-Based experts today!

We stock every AED-related accessory you could need, like replacement batteries, additional defibrillation pads, AED carrying cases, and other supplies for immediate shipment.

In addition to our AED Product offerings, we provide AED/CPR Training, CPR Training & Administration products, medical imaging and diagnostic systems, PPE, and Emergency Oxygen. All of our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.   We strive to earn our customers' respect, repeat business and referrals, everyday.

If we can be of assistance, please reach out by calling us at 888-541-2337 or by email at info@aedprofessionals.com.