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The Ferno PRO 28Z Chair Cot provides exceptional maneuverability and stability with its specialized ZFrame™ Advanced Positioning.
Transforms from a cot to a chair to easily navigate without transferring the patient
The PRO 28Z Chair Cot offers an unassisted lift capacity of 700 lbs

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IL, NY, NJ, MI, FL, TX, WI & IN Only

Standard Features

  • Ferno X-Restraints
  • Two-Piece Locking Mattress
  • Backrest Equipment Hook
  • Swing-Down Sidearms

Add on Features not available for aftermarket purchase

  • SAE Compliance
  • Surface Extenders
  • Tray


Patient Comfort and safety

  • Pneumatic backrest adjusts between 0° and 85° to allow patients to maintain an upright torso position or lay flat
  • Swing-down sidearms provide patient security and comfort and can be folded out of the way for patient transfers
  • SX Surface Xtenders™ (optional accessory) increase the patient surface area by 95%, giving a greater feeling of comfort and stability)

handling and maneuverability

  • Swing-up undercarriage allows easy roll-in loading and roll-out unloading (“One-man” loading and unloading is possible when the cot is empty, but two operators are always required during patient transports)
  • Two 6-inch swivel wheels and two 6-inch stationary wheels provide easy rolling and superior steering control
  • SAE-compliant FERNO X-Restraints are color-coded for ease of use
  • Optional flip-out lift handles provide additional grip points

Longevity and durability

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Tested in a controlled environment to 10+ years of service
  • All-metal frame construction provides strength, durability, and performance with heavy patients 2-piece locking mattress has articulating segments to adapt to each position