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EOlife & EOlife X

EOlife X training device in child mode with face mask and BVM attached on top of a purple cube pedestal with purple spheres on the ground surrounding it.

What is not measured cannot be improved

Patient lives rest in the hands of paramedics when responding during emergencies, making high-performance ventilation critical. High-performance ventilation consists of providing adequate oxygen volume, avoiding excessive gas leakage that can result in inadequate ventilation of the patient's lungs, and avoiding hyperventilation. 

The EOlife and EOlife X are the first smart manual ventilation feedback devices allowed to adapt to any bag, mask and tracheal tube. They have the ability to measure and give real time feedback on insufflated volume, tidal volume, as well as ventilation rate and gas leakage warnings. 

Accurate Measurements 


Insufflated Volume

Air/oxygen measured at the output of the bag when compressed


Tidal Volume

Amount of air/oxygen that has entered the patient's lungs


Ventilation Frequency

Frequency calculation based on the trend of the latest ventilation cycles


Visual Guidance

Ventilation bar graph, frequency countdown timer and leakage warning

EOlife clinical device in operation showing Vi, Vt, and Frequency with the colored bar gauge to show ventilation progress.


FDA-cleared medical device giving visual feedback to responders to provide ventilation in accordance with ERC or AHA recommendations. EOlife eliminates the room for error and improves manual ventilation quality by over 70%! The temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors allow EOlife to self-calibrate the measurements and guarantee unequaled accuracy in extreme conditions. With IP44 rating, EOlife is certified for ambulance transport and outdoor conditions. It's easy to use and operates within seconds of turning on.

EOlife X (Trainer)

EOlife X enables training on adult and pediatric (> 1 year) manikins. The pediatric ventilation feature on EOlife X offers a unique way for EMS instructors, students and other healthcare professionals to train for pediatric ventilation in cardiac arrest. After selecting pediatric mode, users can select from a range of age groups to adjust for adequate ventilation measurements. The addition of Bluetooth allows users the ability to track their progress for ongoing and regular training with the EOlife Connect* app. Trainees have proven to be able to provide better quality ventilation as early as after their first training session. 

EOlife X training device in child mode with page for user to select the age group in the child mode.



EOlife X (Trainer)

Use on patients

(CE marked, FDA cleared)



Use on Manikin



Leakage alarm deactivation



Type of patient/manikin


Adult/Child (> 1 year)

CPR/Continuous ventilation modes



Recording and data export via Bluetooth


Yes (Requires EOlife Connect* app)


170 grams

Dimensions (L x W x D)

5.11 in x 2.95 in x 1.18 in

Accessories included

Battery, Charger, 1 single-use Flowsense sensor

Battery, charger, transport case, 1 reusable Flowsense X sensor

*EOlife Connect app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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