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How much does an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) cost?

You’ve seen AEDs (short for Automated External Defibrillator) in many public spaces including airports, shopping malls, gyms, and schools. Over the past couple of years, many people have begun to notice the importance of having them readily available to help treat victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). As the American Heart Association states, an AED is a portable device that “delivers an electric shock through the chest to the heart when it detects an abnormal rhythm and changes the rhythm back to normal.” Whether buying an AED for personal home use or a business, we’ll help you understand what expenses to consider as you shop for this life-saving device.

As of today, a brand-new AED costs anywhere from $1,400 to $3,500 (cost can exceed depending on intended use). An alternative to a new unit can be a refurbished AED unit which can drastically reduce the cost for those looking for a cost-effective solution. All AEDs have the same goal; to walk rescuers through the process of helping an SCA victim. They begin to differ with their unique features such as ZOLL’s Uni-Pad ability in the ZOLL AED 3 or a Pad-Pak from a HeartSine unit combining the pads and battery into one cartridge. In the past, we’ve talked about what AEDs we recommend depending on the industry, but today we’ll further talk about the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance of an AED.

Buying an AED for Home

The market for home Over-the-Counter (OTC) AEDs is currently limited to two units, the HeartSine 350P and the Philips OnSite. Both are fantastic, FDA-approved for home use and are also some of the top-selling AEDs across the board for many industries. Other AEDs typically require a prescription, but working with AED Professionals will help you receive a prescription when you purchase your AED, allowing you to buy a personal AED more easily. You can expect an average base cost of $1,450.00 (As of March 2024) without any additional accessories. If you are purchasing additional accessories, such as pediatric pads, you can expect the cost to go up.

NOTE: It is common that insurance companies typically do not cover the purchase of a personal AED. Please reach out to your insurance provider for further information and/or details.

Buying an AED for a Business

Over the past few years, AEDs have slowly become required for specific establishments. An example of this is how gyms in more than 10 states are required to have an AED on site. With a variety of AEDs out there in the market for businesses, you can expect an average base cost of about $1,810.00 (As of March 2024) without any additional accessories. The purchase of additional accessories will make the cost go up.

Buying an AED for Non-Profit organizations & Church

Places of worship and other non-profit organizations have budget constraints when it comes to looking for an AED. Not only are there constraints with budgets, but there are also specific needs that need to be met, such as needing pediatric pads for children. Non-profit organizations and places of worship should expect an average cost of about $1,850.00 (As of March 2024) without any additional accessories. The purchase of additional accessories will make the cost go up.

Buying an AED for Professionals (Emergency Medical Responders, Law Enforcement, and more)

Professionals in the Emergency Medical Responders (EMS) and Law Enforcement industry are the individuals who are most often first to arrive on the scene to begin immediately in assisting the SCA victim, meaning that they use AEDs the most frequently. These professionals need to make sure they are not only carrying an AED, but they must also make sure they have pediatric pads (if the AED needs them) to respond to a child victim. Oftentimes, EMS and Law Enforcement will purchase models that have more features, pushing the average cost higher than any of the other groups. EMS and Law Enforcement departments should expect an average cost of $2,375.00 (As of March 2024) without any additional accessories. The purchase of additional accessories, such as pediatric pads, will make the cost go up.

Breakdown: What is the Total Cost of Ownership for an AED?

The total cost of ownership for an AED will vary depending on the use case. As explained, different locations and industries have different needs/requirements. Is your facility buying a new unit? Will you need an AED cabinet with signage? Will you be purchasing an AED Program Management program to make sure your AED(s) are properly maintained? Let’s take a dive into a break down of what the total cost of ownership for an AED is:

Brand new AED: $1,480.00*

Most common AED accessories purchased:

- Backup Adult Electrode Pads: $79.00

- Pediatric Electrode Pads: $115.00

- AED Cabinet & Sign: $27.00-$350.00

- AED Trainer: $485.00


- AED Program Management: $105.00-$207.00 per year

Recurring AED Maintenance Cost:

- Adult Electrodes: $79.00 (every 2 years)

- Pediatric Electrodes: $115.00 (every 2 years)

- Battery: $189.00 (every 4 years)

*AED examples breakdown sample is using Philips HeartStart OnSite AED and its accessories.