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Characteristics of Races, Runners, and Sudden Cardiac Arrests.

Mobile AED Response System Helps Save Lives During Japan Road Races

A research team from Kokushikan University developed a mobile AED system that provides early CPR and AED intervention for runners who might encounter cardiac arrest during road races.
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Runners starting at a race

Most Athletes Who Die Suddenly had NO Symptoms or Family History of Heart Disease!

In recent years, genetic testing has become increasingly accessible, and it offers a new way to prevent sudden cardiac death in athletes. In most cases, clinical evaluation will dictate the need for preventive therapy such as a defibrillator and the advice on exercise and participation in competitive sports. Read More here...
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James Jude, MD and Guy Knickerbocker, PhD Demonstrate CPR on William Kouwenhoven, MD

Remembering Dr. Guy Knickerbocker, A Pioneer of CPR

G. Guy Knickerbocker, PhDa of Narvon PA passed away peacefully on June 21st at the age 89; he is known as one inventors for CPR and according ScienceHeroes.com, it's estimated that more than 25 million lives have been saved with his technique. 
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How Often Do I Need to Service an AED?

How Often Do I Need to Service an AED?

As you may know, the American Heart Association recommends that an automated external defibrillator (AED) is accessible in most public places, like parks, convention centers, transit hubs, places of worship, businesses, and more. What's especially important is that these AEDs are in working order - If an AED isn't ready for a rescue, it's almost as if there's no AED at all.
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HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P AED - AED for Home & Business

Should I Have an AED at Home?

We've all seen the those heart defibrillators that seem to be popping up everywhere. You know, the ones where some poor sap has a collapses and then the life-saving device shocks his chest back into action? It turns out that these little contraptions may be even more important than we thought, because nearly 350,000 people die from cardiac arrest in the United States every year. That's why every home should have at least one AED on hand! Keep reading to learn why...
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