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GE MAC 2000 Resting EKG System

Item Number: 2063587-001

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The GE MAC 2000 EKG is an easy-to use device that helps clinicians make confident diagnoses. The Marquette 12SL analysis program gives the user powerful insights into their heart condition with just one look at this sleek machine's screens, which can be viewed either horizontally or vertically as needed for quick scanning by professionals in any setting.


  • All brand new units come standard with GE's 12SL gender specific interpretation and measurements.
  • Easy-to-read 7” color display, configurable to meet your needs (allows improved EKG signal, as well as easy patient data entry).
  • US letter thermal paper print out
  • Automatic capture of 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation
  • Connectivity and export options for easy data access and storage
  • Available in exercise testing configuration
  • Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program for clinical decision support, or to meet your facility’s diagnostic needs (in a hospital setting).
  • On-screen preview of 12-lead waveforms and ECG results helps streamline review and diagnosis (hospital setting).
  • Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs
  • Supports paperless workflow with options for bidirectional communication, including orders and ADT query features.
  • Each purchase of a GE MAC 2000 EKG Machine comes fully covered with a 3-year parts and labor warranty.

Some of the newest features in the GE MAC 2000 vs. the GE MAC 1200:

  • Ability to export the EKG reports and connect to EMR/EHR services.
  • Connectivity options with LAN, Wi-Fi, serial port, modem, or SD card.
  • Direct connect to MUSE or Cardiosoft (optional, if needed).
  • The ACI-TIPI algorithm will help diagnose and treat acute cardiac ischemia.
  • PDF and XML export capabilities

Features of ECG in Pharma:

  • Clinical trials set up fields
  • CT Guard for data security
  • Audit trail on MAC 2000
  • Hook-up advisor improves quality of automated measurement and ECG signal
  • Recognition of drug-induced prolonged QT with 12SL
  • Rate QTc calculations including Bazetts, Federica, and Framingham
  • Barcode reader connectivity for fast and easy data input
  • PDF and XML export capabilities
  • ECG MUSE connectivity for data review and FDA XML export


MAC 2000 Algorithm

With a great deal of research and validation, the Marquette 12SL ECG analysis is refined through regular clinical input, and “Gold Standard” databases.

The capabilities for arrhythmia and chest pain assessments provide a wider range of disease management needs to be addressed when considering gender-specific criteria and risk stratification tools.

  • Gender-specific interpretation applies criteria for evaluating the ST segment and T wave of the ECG waveform, improving sensitivity to acute myocardial infarction in women and enhancing diagnostic confidence.
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome Tool provides higher sensitivity analysis for ST-Elevated MI or Acute Ischemia for patients suspected of an acute cardiac event.
  • Analysis of artificially paced rhythms.
  • The Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program and Serial Comparison Program provide a consistent analysis and comparison of waveforms across each and every ECG.


The MAC 2000 algorithm contains a state-of-the-art ECG analysis that has been developed with a great deal of research and validation. Whether it is to be used in a physician office, hospital, or pharma setting, the MAC 2000 is an ECG system that is intuitive, easy to use, and productive to meet your needs. 



  • 2063587-001-580949: MAC 2000 with 12SL (Economical)
  • 2063587-001-580955:MAC 2000 with 12SL, Mem, PDF, SD, XML, Hilltop (Basic)
  • 2063587-001-580951: MAC 2000 with 12SL, Mem, PDF, LAN to PC (Non-MUSE), SD, XML, Hilltop (Connected)
  • 2063587-001-580956:MAC 2000 with 12SL, Mem, PDF, LAN to PC (Non-MUSE), Wireless, SD, XML, Hilltop

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