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When Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) strikes, you want the best equipment out there. Stryker offers great choices for professionals and lay responders with no previous medical experience. Having an extablished AED program is a critial link in the chain of survival, empowering you to deliver lifesaving intervention before an EMS team arrives.


LIFEPAK CR2 empowers bystanders to help saves with innovative, easy-to-operate technology. Continuous CPR improves blood circulation and increases the chances of survival. No other AED on the market allows you to continue chest compressions during electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm analysis. The child mode button allows LIFEPAK CR2 to adjust CPR guidance for children and reduce energy, meaning there's no need for changing pads during a rescue.


Rugged, vehicle construction allows the LIFEPAK 1000 to be carried in a squad car, onboard a fire engine, or out in the field. It's clinically advanced with robust features including escalating energy to 360J, battery power for up to 220 shocks, and cprMAX technology. View post-event patient and performance data to help improve future responses.

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