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Why Do My Pads & Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

Why Do My Pads & Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

We get calls like this all of the time. Most often, the reason for the error is that either the AED Pads or AED Batteries are expired or depleted. The good news is that when you purchase an AED Pad or Battery from AED Professionals, we'll remind you 90, 60 & 30 days before they are due to be replaced, so you can stay on top of your units maintenance & ensure that it's ready for rescue when it's needed. 



Why do AED Pads need to be replaced? 


AED Pads each contain two basic components - conductive gel and metal electrodes. In time, the conductive gel will dry to a point where it can no longer make proper contact with a victim's chest. This could render the pad useless and unable to make a rescue. Additionally, the metals corrode over time (just as any other metal product would) with age. Even though AED pads are sealed before use, the FDA assigns expiration dates based on the tested integrity of componentry to ensure that pads are working at their full strength when they are needed.


My AED says that it's ready for a rescue, can I wait to replace my batteries?


Much like AED Electrode pads, AED batteries have a standby life that is determined by the FDA based on the AED's self test schedule and energy usage. While your battery may not be completely depleted at the end of the approved standby life, the odds of an AED unit becoming inoperable increase exponentially as time passes beyond the recommended life. 

To ensure your unit is ready to save a life, we highly advise changing your batteries on the recommended interval.