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 Warning ►  Please note that each adult or pediatric pad (electrodes), and battery installed in the AED Unit have an expiration date. Using pads or batteries beyond their expiration dates can result in a malfunction of the AED Unit during an emergency rescue.  This may expose the responders to legal liabilities.  It is highly recommended that each AED and the pad whether installed in the AED Unit or carried as a spare with the AED case or kept in a storage cabinet be checked periodically and date of expiry information recorded properly on a check tag for verification. If you do not have a check tag please call us, we will supply one free.  Replace your expired AED pads and expired batteries immediately. For overnight shipment, please call 1-888-541-2337


As a large volume dealer, we receive our AED Accessories directly from the manufacturer.  We stock all Automated External Defibrillator Brands Accessories: Accessory Pads, Accessory Batteries, AED Cases and all other replacement parts. Every Accessory Manufactured date is shown clearly on the label to guarantee its freshness, and that it meets the latest protocols. 

To select the appropriate AED Accessories, AED Pads, AED batteries and other consumables
 for your AED defibrillator unit,
please Click below on the Brand Model you have.

AED Accessories for Philips onsite aed
OnSite AED
AED Accessories for philips home defibrillator: pads, batteries, cases
Home AED
Pads, Batteries, replacement & Supplies for FRX
philips FR2+ defibrillator for philips accessories: pads, batteries, cases
philips FR2+ECG defibrillator for philips accessories: pads, batteries, cases
ForeRunner AED

Medtronic physio-control lifepak Express AED Accessories with Pads, Batteries
LifePak Express
Medtronic physio-control lifepak cr plus AED Accessories with Pads, Batteries
CR Plus
physio-control lifepak 500
LP 500
AED Accessories with Pads, Batteries for Medtronic physio-control lifepak 1000
LifePak 1000

LifePak 12
Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 AED Defibrillator/ Monitor
LifePak 15
Physio-control Lifepak 20e AED with ecg options
LifePak 20/e

zoll aed plus Pads, Batteries, replacement & Supplies
Zoll AED Plus
zoll aed pro Pads, Batteries, & replacement Supplies
Zoll AED Pro


heartsine-samaritan-pads-batteries-accessories-replacement parts
Samaritan PAD AED

amaritan PAD AED


Defibtech Lifeline DefibrillatorDefibtech With Standard 5-year Battery or 7-year optional attery pack
LifeLine AED
Defibtech Lifeline Auto Fully Automated AED 2013
LifeLine AED
Defibtech Lifeline Model No: DCF-A2310 View FULL-COLOR VIDEO INSTRUCTION
LifeLine View
Defibtech Lifeline Pro AED with Lifeline Pro AED Accessories.
LifeLine Pro
Defibtech Lifeline ECG automated external defibrillator (AED)
LifeLine ECG

Cardiac Science

cardiac science powerheart AED Accessories & Replacement Parts
Powerheart G3+

AED Professionals is your single source for high-quality, original AED Accessories and supplies manufactured by the original manufacturer.  These replacement AED Accessories guarantee performance of your defibrillators or event data management solutions. Whether your focus is on quality patient care, reliability or budget constraints, please turn to AED Professionals as your single source of original AED Pads, batteries and other AED accessories.  Save time.  Save money

Philips offers high-quality supplies and accessories to optimize the performance of your defibrillators or data management solutions. Philips supplies are thoughtfully designed, tested, and manufactured to deliver reliable and accurate results. Whether your focus is on quality patient care, reliability or cost containment, turn to Philips as your single resuscitation supplies and accessories source.

AED Professionals carries a full range of HeartSine samaritan® PAD accessories to complement your HeartSine samaritan® PAD defibrillator. Partners. Please contact us for any HeartSine samaritan® PAD accessories.

You already know Physio-Control reputation for quality and reliability in LIFEPAK defibrillators and AEDs. When it comes to LIFEPAK accessories, we know you will not accept anything less.  On our web-store you will find accessories designed to meet your needs and reliability standards. All the accessories and disposables here are designed to work with your Physio-Control lifepak defibrillators. If you have any questions about accessories or disposables, please contact us on 1-888-541-2337.

The Zoll AED Plus® has a variety of accessories that include wall cabinets, mounting brackets, batteries, extra electrode pads, and AED signage. You can purchase Zoll AED original replacement parts and accessories here.

Defibtech Lifeline AED Defibrillator Accessories and Replacement parts: AED Professionals is your single source for high-quality Defibtech Lifeline Replacement Parts & Accessories. We stock supplies manufactured by the original manufacturer. These replacement Defibtech Accessories assure performance of your Lifeline AEDs. Whether your focus is on quality patient care, reliability or budget constraints, please turn to AED Professionals for all your Defibtech Lifeline Replacement Parts & Accessories requirements. We are authorized dealers of original Defibtech AED Pads, batteries and other Defibtech AED accessories.

Use Cardiac Science accessories and supplies to achieve the best results with your AED. We carry a full line of Cardiac Science AED accessories.



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