Zoll AED Pro AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Kit

ZOLL AED Pro Upgrade Kit

ZOLL AED Pro Upgrade Kit

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Zoll AED Pro AHA 2010 Guidelines Upgrade Kit 

AED Pro 2010 Guidelines Upgrade...
Upgrade your AED Pro to make it fully compliant with AHA or 2010 Guidelines

Performing the upgrade requires downloading new software into your Zoll AED Pro, testing, and modifying the icons on the face of your units. Our new upgrade materials provide a CD with the new ZOLL Administrative Software (ZAS) and icon-stickers.  We are offering these upgrades to our customers with complete instructions.  However, if you wish us to update your unit hassle-free, kindly ship your unit to us at our corporate office: AED Professionals, General Medical Devices, Inc. company, 348 W. Colfax Street, Palatine IL 60067 

The latest AED Pro Software fully complies with the 2010 Guidelines. Real CPR help will now guide chest compressions to a depth of at least two inches (for the American Heart Association) or between five and six centimeters deep (for the European Resuscitation Council). Any AED Pro, no matter how old, can now be upgraded to the latest configuration....

What It Takes

You need to have ZOLL Administrative Software installed on your PC, and you will need an infrared port (IrDA device) to communicate with your AED Pro. With ZAS and an IrDA port you can upgrade the software in any AED Pro to the latest version and configuration.
For both the AHA and ERC 2010 Guidelines that’s all you need to do – upgrade the software.


Zoll AED Pro Administrative Software CD Part # 8000-0843-01
ZOLL AED Pro® Administrative Software – CD. Easy ZOLL AED Pro unit configuration through ZOLL's administration software and AED Pro 2010 Guidelines Upgrade . Highly recommended.
Part # 8000-0843-01
Alternate Part#  9658-0800-01
Price: $27.00


Please note that to upgrade your AED Pro, your computer must be equipped with an infrared IrDA port to be able to communicate with your ZOLL AED Pro.  You can purchase this device as shown below.

Zoll AED Pro USB to IrDA Adapter for Windows 2010 AHA Guidelines Upgrade
USB to IrDA Infrared
 Adapter For Data transfer-ZOLL Pro. The compact USB Infrared Adapter allows wireless data transmission using the IrDA protocol at speeds of up to 4Mbps. Just plug into a USB port on your desktop or notebook PC and easily exchange data with your AED. Please make sure your AED has a USB port.

Price: $28.95


After upgrading your AED Pro:

You must register your upgrade with ZOLL to preserve your warranty and make certain you receive notification of any Device Corrective Actions that may occur in the future. Registration data is NOT forwarded to any other organization under any circumstances, and is NOT used for marketing purposes without your permission.


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