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        Samaritan PAD AED (automated external defibrillators)
Low Priced Affordable with 10 Year Factory Warranty

Please Call To Obtain The Best Price : 1- 888- 541- 2337

We offer the best prices on Open box Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillators.  Open box Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillators are goods that have been returned from our customers after they opened the box. Either it was more than they needed or the customer upgraded the Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillator unit he bought to a pro-model.  Even though these have never been used, we cannot sell them again as new units because the Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillators are medical devices.  As a result we mark them down substantially to save you money.  You still get the same warranty, and our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee as if the Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillators were brand new.  You receive high-quality products at significant discounts.  Please note that the quantities of Open box Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillators are extremely limited.  We will not accept back orders.  Thank you.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD AED  AED Package with, HeartSine PAD AED  Defibrillator, PAD AED -PAK™ Adult Electrode & Battery Pack Integrated Unit, Samaritan PAD AED  AED Training CD, HeartSine PAD AED  AED Detailed User Manual, HeartSine Samaritan PAD AED  Quick Reference Card, Samaritan PAD AED  AED Carry Case, Premium AED+CPR Rescue Kit, AED Equipped Facility Window/Wall Decal, Maintenance/Inspection Tag, HeartSine AED Medical Prescription


One-Stop Samaritan PAD AED Defibrillator PAD AED s, Batteries & all Accessories....Click Here


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