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Prestan Professional Adult Jaw Thrust Manikins with CPR Feedback

Item Number: PP-JTM-100-DS

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The Prestan Professional Jaw Thrust Manikin provides instructors the option to teach the jaw thrust maneuver to give students a proper understanding of how to perform the head-tilt/chin-lift motion. The jaw thrust maneuver is the safest way to approach opening a victim's airway with minimal neck movement in case of an injury. 

Jaw Thrust Heads may also be purchased separately and easily fit on an original Prestan Professional Adult Manikin torso. (Item #: RPP-JTHEAD) 

The Prestan Professional Jaw Thrust Manikin is fully compliant with the current industry guidelines and AHA Integrated Feedback Directive. 

This particular Jaw Thrust Manikin includes a CPR rate monitor that provides instant feedback on CPR performance. A green, red, or yellow light will signal rate progression with compressions within the 100-120 cpm range as recommended by the Industry Guidelines. This visual feedback makes it easy for instructors to monitor multiple students at a time, and allows students to get an accurate feel of their compression pace. Additionally, there is a clicker in the chest of the manikin that will sound with each compression that reaches an appropriate depth between 2-2.4 inches deep allowing the student to feel the true force needed for real life chest compressions. 

This is a pack of 4 Jaw Thrust Manikins, and is also available to purchase as a single manikin (PP-JTM-100M with CPR Rate Monitor, or PP-JTM-100 without CPR Rate Monitor). The Prestan Professional Jaw Thrust Manikin is available in medium or dark skin options (available from the dropdown menu above), and without a rate monitor (item #: PP-JTM). Note: CPR Rate Monitor can be added to any existing Prestan Manikin that is not already equipped with one. 

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