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A pocket CPR  could be the difference
 between life and death in an emergency

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 Zoll Pocket CPR

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The only CPR rescue device that provides audible and visual instructions before and during a rescue. You simply turn on the device and it will coach you through each step.   Among the commands are:  "Call for help;"  "Open the airway;" and "Check to see if they're getting air."  Simply turn on the device and it will coach you.  It requires somewhere in excess of 75 pounds pressure to deliver good compressions and this device gives you that feedback.

Chest compression feedback in the palm of your hand

  • Real-Time Audible and Visual Feedback

  • Accurate Depth of Compressions

  • Continuous Prompts for Correct Rate and Depth

  • Durable Construction

  • Affordable and Reusable

ZOLL Pocket CPR coaches the rescuer with audio and visual instructions to initiate the critical rescue steps needed for sudden cardiac arrest PocketCPR coaches the rescuer with audio and visual instructions to initiate the critical rescue steps needed for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), such as checking responsiveness and calling for help, before it provides real-time feedback on the depth and rate of compressions. All steps follow the latest recommendations of the American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines.

After the initial rescue steps are performed, PocketCPR is placed on the chest and chest compressions are started. The device notifies the rescuer to “push harder” if the compressions are less than 1.5 inches, which is below the 1.5 to 2 inches specified in the AHA Guidelines. If good compressions are delivered, PocketCPR will respond “good compressions”. Four LED lights on the device flash for a good compression and one LED flashes if the compression is less than 1.5 inches. A metronome helps the rescuer to achieve the proper rate of compressions supported by the AHA Guidelines.

PocketCPR incorporates ZOLL’s Real CPR Help into a low-cost, battery-powered rescue device. When placed on a cardiac arrest victim, the device provides the same CPR real-time audible messages as provided in the ZOLL AED Plus® and other ZOLL defibrillators. It can say “press harder” or “good compressions” to a rescuer and provides a metronome to help achieve the proper rates supporting American Heart Association 2005 Guidelines.  It also provides visual feedback on depth with LED indicators.  PocketCPR reminds rescuers to call 911 and to perform other steps in helping a victim.

For the rescuer, the hand-held device provides immediate feedback during a rescue situation. The device accurately guides a person performing CPR to the AHA-recommended 1.5 inches to 2 inches depth and 100 beats per minute rate for  chest compressions.  Worldwide, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) claims between 600,000 to 700,000 victims each year.  Effective CPR, when delivered quickly after the onset of SCA, can dramatically increase the probability of survival.



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