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“What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball?” is an excellent read for you while you are quarantined due to Coronavirus Covid-19 restrictions. Hopefully, a vaccine will be available soon.


Instead of watching mindless TV, please read this book. You will like it. You can purchase it on Kindle or in Paperback from Amazon.

This mystery thriller is about the dogged determination of a young woman reporter. She must exact revenge from a wealthy, wicked man who wronged her family in his pursuit of power. Because of his soulless greed and nefarious actions, her parents had to live in poverty, and she had to work as a sex slave to survive. This shrewd man is—well, as cunning as they come. He is a darling of Delhi's political power-brokers, and half the judiciary and law-enforcement is on his payroll. She knows journalists have been killed while reporting on collusion between crime figures and government officials. And the killers getaway in nearly nine out of 10 murder cases in India. But she has an aim. Revenge. Will, this femme fatale reporter with an indomitable spirit resort to vigilante justice? Will she risk her life to bring down this doyen of the criminal empire? Will she step into the hornet's nest out of which it might be difficult, if not impossible, to escape?

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