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Emergency Oxygen authorized dealer. Low prices on emergency oxygen systems, emergency oxygen accessories, emergency Oxygen replacement cylinders & parts. Emergency Oxygen units and systems ship FREE. NO HAZMAT FEE charged on any OXYGEN SYSTEMS. We stock all Emergency Oxygen systems and essential accessories and we can arrange overnight shipment if needed.

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 emergency oxygen, Emergency portable oxygen, emergency oxygen kit, emergency first aid oxygen unitEmergency Oxygen: When minutes count EMERGENCY OXYGEN can be the difference between LIFE OR DEATH.  As a leading Emergency Oxygen Provider, AED Professionals offers several Emergency Oxygen Portable Systems and Pulse-Oximeters. We carry a complete line of GE Pulse-Oximeters that any individual can safely use on another person or to himself.  All portable emergency oxygen systems carry our low price guarantee and if needed, expedited shipping.

Emergency Oxygen 

Providing Emergency Oxygen On-Demand, Lifeo2 has developed a unique technology that could enable a lay person, a patient or a bystander  to administer pre-positioned, medically pure oxygen safely in any cardiovascular, respiratory or general medical emergency thus ensuring a better medical outcomes in these situations. Use of emergency oxygen can be an effective first aid technique to prevent shock and cardiac arrest. The company's portable emergency oxygen system - called the Lifeo2 - generates medical grade oxygen on demand. 

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Anyone can administer life saving oxygen in 3 simple steps. The following illustrations and instructions are found on the top of the Model 615 lid:.

...Emergency Oxygen System Easy Operation
1. The mask is plugged in first so that the system is ˇ°openedˇ± and gas can flow. The quick connect fitting has an internal valve that keeps the system sealed so that the system remains dust and pathogen free. Once plugged in, the valve is opened, allowing the oxygen to flow. 

2. Once the knob is turned (1/4 turn clockwise), the three cartridge ingredients combine and oxygen is immediately generated. The knob automatically snaps back to a primed position, ready for activation if necessary. 

3. Place the mask over the nose and mouth. 

Emergency Oxygen System Model 615 Administration
Emergency Oxygen System
"When serious injury or sudden illness occurs, the body does not function properly
and can benefit from supplemental or additional oxygen."

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